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Monthly Archives: April 2012

The Little Moments | Kitchener Family Photography

It is the little moments that count.  To me, there is nothing more special than to be able to capture a moment of love, connection and happiness with a photograph.  An image that can freeze that perfect time forever, to look back on as the years pass and the memories fade, serving to keep these […]

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Lost in Translation | Kitchener Photographer

Have you ever gone to pick up your prints, gotten them home and then wondered what the heck happened?  Why your red rose is now purple, why your blue eyes are a dull grey or why your blue house is now has a nauseating yellow hue?  The simple answer is in-lab colour correction. When you […]

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Drama Is Her Middle Name | Kitchener Children’s Photography

Does anyone else have a little drama queen on their hands?  Because I sure do. Brielle seems to be going through a phase right now where everything ends in tears, tantrums or a slamming door.  UGH!  I hope she is just getting it all out before the teenage years…  Please? LOL Not the most gracious […]

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Us | Kitchener Family Photography

I just realized that I totally forgot to share these images of my family from this past fall!  I shared them with friends and family as part of our yearly calendar but it just hit me that I never posted them here. These were taken on a sunny but chilly day back in November, when […]

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