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Carl + Carla | At-Home Wedding | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

Sometimes I book a wedding having never met the couple in person.  Though I had chatted on the phone with Carla prior to the day, I still wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, besides a small wedding taking place at her sister and brother-in-law’s home just outside of Guelph.

What I walked into was a warm, exceptionally welcoming family who came together to pull off a spectacular, intimate and beautifully-detailed wedding.  I met Carl and Carla’s handsome little men, who brought laughter and a touch of rambunctious energy to the proceedings. Both of their families were kind and full of love and support and I knew that this was going to be a really amazing day.  Boy, was I right!

First of all, it is pretty hard to go wrong in a stunning home like this.  A really cool, dark bar, a brand new and unoccupied horse barn as well as elegantly appointed rooms throught the home made my job pretty easy.  Even their carport woodpile made for a simple and cool backdrop!

Of course, the bride in her blush pink gown and the groom in his crushed velvet smoking jacket were blowing the place up with how damn good they looked and their boys in bow ties and skinny jeans with converse were beyond adorable.  I also loved that they asked their guests to wear black, lending a really elegant touch and giving the whole day a real feeling of togetherness.  Despite the frigid January temperatures, we got some really lovely images and everyone was happy to be wrapped up in their furs and blankets for the outdoor fireside ceremony.  I was laughing and crying behind the camera, always a sign of a truly beautiful day.

Thank you Carl, Carla and boys for welcoming me into your wedding day and into your hearts, I look forward to many years of photographing you all!  Cottage this summer?

M xo

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