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About Mandy

Hi, I’m Mandy. Let me tell you a little bit about myself…

I love to lie in bed on Sundays, drinking tea from my favourite quirky mug and doing absolutely nothing. I live for traipsing through the woods with my eight-year old in the light of dusk and curling up with my 11-year-old for a heart-to-heart.  My husband is my soul mate, in the most mushy, roll-your-eyes-and-groan sort of way.  Our family cottage in Tobermory is my sanctuary and my happy place, the place I always feel at peace.  I love to nap and sing loudly in the car to my favourite songs, and I will never stop in the middle of the song to chat so it is pointless to try.  I love warm blankets over my legs and my old dog at my feet.  I read more books at one time than is probably advisable and spend the odd afternoon poking around museums, antiques stores and historic sites, giddy with historical geekiness.  I love the smell of the earth in a damp forest and waking up to fat drops of dew on the grass.  I wish every year that lilac season was just a little longer and that September would never end, with its perfect weather and golden sunsets.

I want you to see the beauty in your every day or your wedding day, through the little moments of magic that happen between you and the ones you love.  That is what drives me to create, in this world of photography, and it never fails to make my heart happy.