Michelle + Gareth | Hacienda Sarria Wedding | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

Gareth + Michelle got married on a sunny, chilly Friday in March.  The Hacienda Sarria was a warm and welcoming place to celebrate, with the winter sun streaming through the windows.  My awesome second photographer Hannah Yoon and I hung out with the super-chill couple and their attendants as they readied for the day.

Once the bow tie was secured and the veil steamed, Gareth went down to see his bride, waiting as her mom helped her into her gorgeous vintage dress, which was lovingly refurbished and looked like new. Gareth's mom met him for her own little "first look" and a hug before Michelle made her entrance and took everyone's breath away.

Once they decided between them that they were both free that day and agreed that getting married was a good way to fill the calendar, we sneaked around the building for some portraits.  When we finished, a family pizza party saw garbage bag bibs passed around and happily full stomachs ready for the real fun to begin.

After the guests arrived for the evening ceremony, the lights were dimmed and the fantastic lighting design became evident, with mood-inspiring up-lights and a spotlight for the VIPS on the raised stage.  Michelle came down the aisle with her dad, sharing a dance with him before she joined Gareth onstage. Between the Welsh sticks and the Scottish whiskey toast, talented friends and family sharing their vocal talents and plenty of memories conveyed through speeches, the ceremony was steeped in tradition and love.   As they sealed it with a kiss, the crowd cheered and they raised their arms in victory. 

After a break for some food and drink, the newlyweds asked for some crowd-participation during their speech, soliciting people to add them both as Facebook friends, to reach the required arbitrarily-chosen number that they discussed as a joke years ago, celebrating as they made their marriage official (because we all know Facebook is the only real official).  Gareth then surprised/horrified Michelle by claiming he was going to serenade her, before he let the pros take over and escorted her to the dance floor.  They looked happy and beautiful and the night was complete.  Except for the party.  And it sure as hell got started.

Thank you Michelle + Gareth not only for choosing me to celebrate with you, but for always welcoming me as family.  You know I love your whole damn clan. 

M xo