Simon + Matt | Waterloo City Hall Wedding

Simon + Matt had such a sweet, simple ceremony this past July on a steamy Monday afternoon. Their loving collection of friends and family all gathered to celebrate along with them, a series of fateful off-days and vacation time combining to bring everyone together at just the right moment.

So I know you are already thinking, “Mandy, you said this was a city hall wedding. This doesn’t look like any city hall I’ve seen!” Well that’s because the City of Waterloo allows you to choose the place you have your wedding (within reason) - it doesn’t necessarily need to be in chambers! I had worked with the team there before so I knew this little secret and I also knew of a little green space nearby that happens to be city property, so we made the short walk to this sun-soaked lot for Simon + Matt to say their vows. It was even more perfect because there was one spot where the sun was creating a bit of a spotlight effect, and Simon, being a performer was not shy to step into the natural shine.

After a short ceremony, the plan was for us all to head to Waterloo Park for some photos and down time before everyone headed to the grooms’ favourite restaurant later in the evening to continue the party. What the guys didn’t know was that their friends had secretly put together a mini reception in a gazebo, complete with food and drink and delicious individual cheesecake cups. Matt + Simon were genuinely shocked and delighted and it was such a nice way to spend a couple of hours socializing and enjoying the newlywed glow.

We blew bubbles and played giant badminton and did our best to pretend we all weren’t melting in the July heat and it was worth every single second.

Thank you Simon + Matt for trusting me with your day, it was truly an honour to bear witness to the love you share.

M xo