Bio 2019.jpg

Hi, I'm Mandy. Let me tell you a little bit about myself...


I'm an iPhone-loving, loud-talking, always-laughing photographer with unruly curly hair.  I like giving hugs and high-fives. I sing very loudly in the car to my favourite songs (and will not converse with anyone else in the car while doing so) and I unfailingly laugh at my own jokes and sarcasm.

I love warm blankets over my legs (even in the summer) and my old dog at my feet.  I read more books at one time than is probably advisable and spend the odd afternoon poking around historic sites and museums, giddy with historical geekiness.

I love the smell of the earth in a damp forest and waking up to fat drops of dew on the grass.  Every year I wish that lilac season was just a little longer and that September would never end, with its perfect weather and golden sunsets.

When I'm not being a photographer, you will most likely find me spending time with my girls.  I live for traipsing through the woods with my eleven-year old in the light of dusk and curling up with my thirteen-year-old for a heart-to-heart. 

Our family cottage in Tobermory is my sanctuary, the place I always feel at peace.  I spend as much time in Georgian Bay as the frigid water temperatures allow, with my iPhone beneath the waves trying to capture the magic of the underwater world.  Or I am playing board games very competitively but letting someone else keep score to avoid doing math.

I'm just an average human, doing her very best to work hard, love my family + friends, deliver for my super awesome clients and to embrace the beauty of life each and every day.