Love.  Laughter.  Joy.  Happiness.  Connection.

The simple things in life are the most important because they are what we remember and cherish when nothing else matters.  The laugh of a child, the warm embrace of a mother, the thrill of riding high on dad's shoulders.   The tears that well in your eyes the first time you see the love of your life at the altar.  Walking back up the aisle as a newly-married couple.  The purest moments of joy. I am drawn to moments that are tender, wild, silly and a bit quirky.  Glimpses into the story of your love and your family.

Want me to photograph your wedding?

I am a sucker for uniquely personal weddings where the emphasis is on love, laughter and celebration and not so much on perfection and preening. Let's walk in the woods, splash in the creek, dance under the twinkle lights and cry tears of joy together (yes, I am crying behind the camera EVERY. SINGLE. TIME). Give me alllll the emotions and I will do my best to show you through images exactly how your day FELT.

My approach to weddings is a relaxed mix of candid and directed images, with a free-flowing feel and a whole lot of happiness. I become a small part of your family for the day and your family becomes mine.  We are in it together, come hell or high winds.

Interested in a family session?

When we have a session together, my focus is on having fun, being relaxed and going with the flow. I have a style that is less posed and more candid in nature, not so much sitting and smiling for the camera but instead highlighting the little interactions that happen in real life that are too quickly forgotten. Of course, we will make sure we get one smiling-at-the-camera for Grandma's fridge too, but it really is just all about being together as a family.

Let's meet at your home, the places that you love to go as a family, or to a new place that you've always wanted to explore. Because our happiness shines not only in our hearts and on our faces, but in the environment that surrounds us, the home and city where we live our lives. 

Let's make a few memories together...

It is my hope, whether I photograph your wedding or your family, that I will provide you with images that will remind you as time passes of these precious yet fleeting moments in your life. I want you to see the beauty in your every day or your wedding day, through the little moments of magic that happen between you and the ones you love.  That is what drives me to create images for my awesome clients and it never fails to make my heart happy.  It is my sincere hope that my photographs will hang in your home and in the homes of your loved ones, to enjoy and appreciate each and every day.  That is the true gift of photography.