Miss Personality | Kitchener Children's Photographer

There is never a dull moment with this little miss!  She loves to chat, giggle and play, keeping me on my toes! I have photographed her at least 4 times over the last two years and she is so darn cute!  She loves to pose and mug for my camera, a total natural at nearly four years old.  I think I see modelling in her future!  We didn't get too many images this time around, as she was more interested in picking flowers and finding pine cones for me to keep - such a little sweetie.  But we did have a blast as usual, me supplying her with highly-anticipated Rockets candy and she charming me at every turn.

A big thanks to her fabulous Mom for being a wonderful supporter of my work and for always coming to the session with a bag full of awesome clothes and accessories! You ROCK! :)

Remember to leave Miss A a comment while you are here!  15+ comments will earn her a free 8x10 canvas of the image of her (Mom's) choice!

{M} xo