Just Because | Kitchener-Waterloo Child Photographer

Sometimes I just want to shoot for me.  Just because. It has been grey, rainy and damp around here lately, which typically doesn't inspire me to get out and be creative. But today was a different story.  Sitting in my basement office, space heater on full blast and woolly socks on my feet while the rain pattered on the windows, I suddenly felt the urge to get out and shoot.  I have been exploring a different side of my photography lately, and I wanted to do more.

My beautiful daughter agreed to be my muse for a little while, excited that I actually encouraged her to do her own makeup and would allow her to wear her favourite leather jacket.  I promised her a pack of gum for her efforts and off we went to a nearby parking garage, where I knew we would at least stay dry.

We worked fairly quickly, as it was darn chilly, but she was patient as I  fired away, playing with angles, light and moods. In the end we were both happy, she that we were on the way to the store for gum and I that I was able to free the creative energy.

Here are a few of the images I got of her, playful, contemplative, daydreaming and dancing.  I love the simple, minimalist feel of these images, which allow her personality and beauty to shine through.  I know I will cherish these forever.

M xo