Personal Images 2012 | Kitchener Photographer

As this 2012 comes to an end, I look back at all the amazing things that this year has brought to my life. My girls are another year older.  I am no longer teaching massage therapy, nor am I treating massage therapy clients.  I am working on building two businesses.  I edit, day and night.  My hubby and I have been married 9 years.  My dog is 9 years old and my constant companion. I earned a merit in the NAPCP image competition.  I am able to volunteer at my girls' school on a regular basis.  I went to Dominican Republic with my family. I tried snowboarding. I earned my Photography Certificate from Conestoga College.  I created new friendships to last a lifetime.  I am a photographer.

I love every minute of my life, the ups and downs, the tantrums and the triumphs, the laughs and the sobs.  I try to capture as much as I can with my camera, because I know that these memories will only last for as long as they are remembered.  I am planning a big year-end post, showcasing all of my wonderful, loyal, patient and forever gracious clients, but I also wanted to share with you some of my favourite images from my personal collection from the past year.  I have so many that I love, but each of the images I chose are special because of the story, the memory and the moment.

I divided the images into three categories: Colour, Black & White and iPhone.   Not all of the images are technical perfection, but they are an honest, true reflection of my life.  I hope you enjoy the images and that they will give you a little insight into what makes my life complete. :)

M xo

Colour Images:

No More Pictures

Chalk Art

Best Friends

Little Miss Attitude

My Lovelies


Too Young For Lipstick


First Snow

Always Silly

Black & White Images:

Quiet Reflection

Bedtime at the Cottage


Belly Laugh

Water Fight

Are We Done Yet?



Shared Laughter

iPhone Images:




Morning at Camp


Home Again

Scared of the Dark

Weekend Away

Drying Off