52 Weeks - Week 4

Okay.  I know I am a bit late posting this week, but it has been a crazy one!  Firstly, it is my lovely in-laws' last week with us before they jet back home.  They have been here since the start of December and we are going to miss them dearly.  I am actually going to have to cook, do laundry and make school lunches again....I have been so spoiled.

Secondly, my oldest daughter turned six this week, so I have been up to my eyeballs in balloons, craft supplies, decorations and cake.  And after no less than 3 different birthday celebrations (we love parties around here), I am totally exhausted.  I also took her out for her mandatory birthday photo session, which was freezing but so much fun.

After all the things I have had to accomplish this week, please excuse the tardiness of this post.  I took this picture a few days ago, but haven't had time to do anything with it until now.  It is a little different than my last couple of posts, since it includes my daughters as well.  My oldest daughter has taken a sudden liking to yoga and I decided that it would be a great activity to do as a family.  So, every afternoon, we line up our mats and we huff and puff and fall all over the place, trying desperately to "calm" our breathing.   The kids tend to lose focus after about 10 minutes, but at least we are together, right?  I actually like yoga a lot more than I thought I would... except when I can't move the next day! 

Here is this week's image, entitled Posers.  Trust me when I say it was the best of the bunch.  You don't know how hard it is to take a self-timed portrait while you are doing yoga until you try it!  Not to mention that the kids kept running over to see the pictures before the timer even finished beeping!  I am pretty sure it is counterproductive to be yelling "Get on your mats!" while doing yoga.

Flexibility, here I come!