24 Frames | Kitchener Photographer

This year I have set a few challenges for myself.  The biggest and most daunting is a Project 365, a photo a day for every day of 2013.  I am posting those image over on my Facebook Page, so pop on over and take a look at my already-needing-bribery girlies, each and every day! The other challenge I have set for myself is to push my work technically and creatively, exploring new and different ways to express myself through my images.  This is not one specific project, but rather an overarching theme to my work this year.  Do more, try more, think more, feel more with my images.  I have a bunch of ideas rolling around in my brain, battling for the attention of my imagination, but many of them are not easily accomplished in the dead of the Canadian winter.

That being said, there is one project that has no limitations, except my own healthy fear of failure:  24 Frames.  Essentially, I want to go back to a film mentality (without going back to ACTUAL film, because it is getting crazy expensive to develop film now, if you can even find a lab that still does developing).  So I am doing my own sort of homage to film by embarking on a journey to create images that will not be edited, retouched or altered in any way, save to size and sharpen appropriately for web. Gulp.  I just broke out in a cold sweat even typing that.

As some of you may know, I am also a photo editor and Photoshop mentor, which means Photoshop and I are tight. I spend more time with Photoshop than I do my husband many days.  So for me to have to create and display an image that has no retouching is a BIG deal.  But I am going to be brave and push myself to slow down, think and create images with more technical and creative precision.  Just don't tell Photoshop that we are on a break.

And with that, here is the first of 24 Frames.  I am pleased with the way it turned out overall, although it is a little dark for my personal preference.  Something to think about the next time!