Love and Colour | Kitchener Family Photography

This amazing family is SUPER fun to photograph!  First of all, their clothing is always amazing, with cool coordinating colours and the outfits are crazy stylish.  Secondly, they love to laugh together and be silly.  Really, they make my job as easy as it can get.  And the weather and location could not have been better for this session, which made the evening even more perfect.  The only hitch was my sudden allergy attacks, consisting of interminable sneezes... Thank god these people know me or it would have been twice as mortifying to be a sneezy, tearing mess! LOL Mom and Dad are the talented team behind Bodh Salon and Bodh Photography and also friends.  We just had a blast laughing, playing and doing our best to keep the kiddos entertained, including my lovely assistant Brielle, who gladly made a complete fool of herself to keep the giggles coming!  Of course, we also bribed everyone with ice cream, which never fails to ensure extra-big grins... ;)

Thanks to Michelle, Jake, Mattea and Dash for being your awesome selves and for being my friends.  Love you!

M xo

Take a moment in the next image to notice the toddler meltdown in the background.  He wasn't impressed that his sister was beating him in the first 5 steps, so he threw himself down in defeat.  Hilarious!