Six | Kitchener Children's Photographer

My youngest turned six this week.  Holy moly!  She came whirling into our lives early on an warm late-summer morning, hungry and full of energy.  She is still a morning person, still hungry and the energy has only grown six-fold. I love her because she talks to herself, makes silly faces to crack us up, says hilarious things,asks constantly for snacks, goes to sleep within 2 seconds of closing her eyes, loves to paint, is a kind friend who gets along with everyone, knows how to get what she wants from her "boyfriend" by making it sound like it was her idea, loves her sister and will share her last piece of gum with her,  has the craziest hair EVER, rides her training wheels at the skate park like she owns the place, is quick to forgive and apologize, sings when she wakes up, can work an attitude pose like nobody's business and is always laughing.

You bring joy, laughter, energy and serenity into our lives every day, Emery.  We love you <3

Mom, Dad, Sissy and Charlie Boy xo