Three | Kitchener Family Photography

This session was almost a bust from the beginning.  The little man had fallen sound asleep in the car on the way over and was not entirely pleased to be awoken to find he had to have his picture taken.  But soon enough, he was regaling with tales about his cowboy boots (his favourite footwear of the moment) and giggling as we sneaked away into the long grasses to take some "secret" photos without Mom & Dad. We had a rather chilly day, with the wind blowing across the nearby Grand River in Kitchener, but we all trooped around through the weeds and bushes like nothing was going to stop us!  There may have been about a million tiny fluffy seeds on us when we finished, but we managed to have fun and some laughs along the way.

This family of three has so much love for one another, you can just feel it in the way the play and laugh and act silly together.  A connection that will only grow beautifully in time.  As long as they can keep Mr. Personality from lifting off the ground with his enormous stores of energy!  Something tells me Dad does little to help keep the sillies at bay, as evidenced in the second image... I hope Mom knows what she is in for!   ;)

Thank you, you three, for sharing your moments with me.  I had so much fun capturing your family!

M xo