Nine | Kitchener Child Photographer

Nine years ago, I underwent a transformation that was equally scary and exciting.  I became a mother. As I sit and reflect on the past nine years, I can't believe how fortunate I am to have this beautiful girl in my life.  She is so much like me, in so many ways, and while sometimes that means she pushes my buttons (big time), I also take pride in knowing that she is MINE. My heart, my soul, my sorrow, my joy.

She is passionate, sometimes to the degree of Grand Supreme Drama Queen.  She is sensitive and easily bruised by unkindness.  She has a smile that melts my heart.  And an eye roll that makes every muscle in my body fight not to get angry.  She loves to stay up late, hiding under the covers so we don't see her.  She reads more than one book at a time, never losing the thread of the story.  She is an amazing big sister and a compassionate friend.  She loves to hug and snuggle and sing at the top of her lungs.  She dances in the shower and wears makeup that would put the 80's to shame.  She doesn't like math and laughs at her own miserable attempts at art. She gets distracted by shiny things... well, she gets distracted by anything really. She loves ketchup - especially on pizza.

I am so thankful and full of love for this girl.  She brings me happiness, pain, laughter and worry of the kind I never thought possible before I became a mother.  I love you, Brielle.  Even when you don't like me. ;)

Happy 9th birthday!


Mommy, Daddy, Emery + Charlie xoxo

Here are portraits of my girl, one for each year since her birth.  Sigh.  Why can't she stay little forever?

Just home from the hospital on day one.

One.  I thought her hair would never grow...

Two. Baby curls and pearly whites.

Three. With Grizzy and Special.  She still sleeps with both every night.

Four.  Forced grin and a blond bob.

Five. That smile gets me every time.

Six.  Rocking her own style, finding her independence.

Seven.  Those teeth are the BEST.

Eight.  Seriously, when did she get so mature?

Nine.  I m starting to see glimpses of a teen.  Makeup, jewelry, boys, frenemies.  I wish I could freeze her right at this moment.