Summer Nights | Cambridge Family Photography

I met this wonderful family at the gorgeous Dumfries Conservation Area in Cambridge, Ontario for a session on a sunny summer evening.  Mom is the talented photographer behind Melissa Avey Photography and she did an awesome job dressing her family in a stylish way that really suited the summery weather! We headed out with the goal of getting a photograph of the entire family together, something that can be easily overlooked in the home of a photographer, since we are used to taking the photos rather than being IN the photos.  I was determined to give her this image, even if it meant crawling on my belly, making crazy noises and even a little bit of begging... ;)

We did have success in getting everyone in the frame, as well as having a bunch of fun and making lots of silly faces.  I think these images show the essence of this family - fun, caring, goofy and ultimately, really full of love.

Thank you Melissa and Brendan and kiddos for choosing me to capture these moments and memories for you.  It was a good night.

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