Six Months | Kitchener Family Photographer

My lovely friend Michelle, from Miche L Photography, asked me to do a quick little session with her beautiful family this fall, to photograph her adorable baby girl around 6 months of age.  I love that 6-9 month age range, where babies are starting to sit, crawl, cruise and just develop the cutest personalities! We played dodge-the-rain for a few days and this day was not perfect, but the clearest we had in awhile, so we decided to make a run for it!  I am so glad we did, because the fall colours were just starting to come in and they made a lovely backdrop for this session along the Grand River Trail in Waterloo.

Miss E's adorable fly-away hair and her parents' adoring love were on full display and we laughed in between raindrops, having a wonderful time catching up and capturing the moment.

Thanks to you all for driving all the way from Kincardine to frolic in the rain.  So nice to get caught up!!

M xo