Late Spring Family | Kitchener Family Photographer

After being thwarted by the rain on our first couple of attempts to make this session happen, we finally found a beautiful evening to photograph this lovely little family.  After welcoming their youngest nearly a year ago, they hadn't had an updated family photo of all four of them together, so we set about making that right. While there were a few clouds still threatening to make us wet anytime, we played and smiled and laughed, and with a few tears we accomplished our mission.  There was even a little moment of panic when the oldest little girly began to cry, pointing to her ear.  Fearing a bug bite or bee sting, we checked it out, only to realize she was upset that the flower placed behind her ear had been lost.  New flower placed, crisis averted.  All was right again in her two-year-old world!  Phew!

Thank you all for being so patient and fun - I loved spending the evening with you!

M xo