52 Weeks - Week 20

I love flowers, and green leaves and water droplets on long grass, but seriously, the rain needs to stop!  I am all for building up the watershed as much as anyone else, but I am going a bit stir crazy! I decided I might as well have some fun, since Mother Nature thinks she can stop me from shooting by making it rain.  I foiled her plan with a plastic bag, a wide awning and a pair of sturdy rain boots.  Ha, take that!!

I am pretty sure the neighbours think I am crazy, jumping alone in a puddle in the driveway while running between the puddle and the camera, but they are just as crazy, and with much less creative ambition.

Here is the week's image, entitled Not Just For Kids. The water droplets are kind of opaque because I had lots of my on my boots from a recent camping trip.  Now they are sparkling clean.  Me: 2  Mother Nature: 0