Built with Love | Kitchener Family Photography

What can I say about this wonderful family?  I have been welcomed into their home and hearts since I was eight years old, my friendship with Jaime spanning 28 years and the ups and downs of middle school, high school, university, marraige, babies and all that life has thrown us in between.  When she asked me to photograph her entire family in celebration of her parents being wed for forty years, I was so thrilled and excited.  There is something so special about photographing the family that two people have built with their love and commitment to one another over that period of time. Of course, photographing friends that you have known and loved for years comes with its own special set of challenges, namely that she and I can't keep ourselves from dissolving into fits of laughter at the drop of a pin, joking easily and slipping into our high school-selves at times.  Fortunately, her parents, sister, kids & nephews know me well enough to laugh along with us or roll their eyes at our silliness.

We met on a perfect, warm evening at nearby Rockway Gardens in Kitchener, a special location for Mr & Mrs B., who had their wedding photos taken in the same spot 40 years before.  As the sun dipped behind the beautifully-tended gardens and walls, we hugged and reminisced and played with the kids, all trying to make sure that we did what were there to do and not just visit.  We only had to take a couple of breaks, one specifically when Sam managed to get poked in the eye and Nana came to the rescue with a cold water bottle, and one when Jaime and I got laughing so hard at her foray into the leafy jungle that we couldn't breathe.

Thank you Brunens for always being a part of my life and for being another family to me.  And for paying for ice cream after the session.  That was a pretty awesome surprise.

Love you all,

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