52 Weeks - Week 23

Well, I am a bit behind on this project (again), but I do have an image I would like to share. This week's image is one that I took during their first night at the family cottage this summer.  It may not be the most technically sound or creatively composed, but it makes my heart happy.  For me this image represents two thing: sisterhood and growth.

My girls have always been close and while there are days that I think they may acutally kill each other, more often than not they can be found snuggled togther on the couch or off playing some game they have devised to pass the time.  I am so happy that they cry when they are apart, laugh when they are together and are each other's best friend.

And every day, the inevitable march of time creates growth in their minds and bodies, which I love and detest at the same time.  I want them to slow down and stay small so I don't miss a thing and at the same time to grow and learn and become the people they are destined to be...ahh, the trials and triumphs of motherhood.  In particular, this photo expresses growth as it shows my oldest daughter reading to her younger sister.  How I love to see them curled together, Brielle sounding out the words, more confident each day, while Emery listens raptly, adoration in her eyes. I am glad my girls will always have each other.  Wow, this is a super sappy post.  I guess I need them now and again, right?

Here is my image, entitled First Night at the Cottage.