52 Weeks - Week 24 : : Kitchener Photographer

Okay, I finally got back to the heart of this project, which was originally devised as a self-portrait portfolio.  I must admit, it has been harder to get in front of the camera than I thought.  I am just so used to being behind the lens that I am not always sure how to go about photographing myself.  Plus, I am still waiting for the remote shutter release that I ordered (darn Canada Post Strike), so every time I want to take a "true" self-portrait, I have to race againt the timer and borrow test subjects to help me with focus!  Inevitably, I end up looking more serious than happy, because I am concentrating so hard on getting everything right. Sigh.  I really am happy and smiling usually.  Really, I am! This image was taken with a new hat I picked up to add to my props collection.  It is a fun vintage sunhat that looks good on everyone, and I have the photo to prove it! LOL  I managed to find a spot in the forest where the light was only slightly dappled (miraculously) and coaxed my hubby into helping me get my focus. It only took 15 tries to get the one I wanted!

Here is the image, entitled Mandy at Midday.