At Home Together | Kitchener Family Photographer

There is something so magical about photographing a family in their home.  In their every day space, comfortable and relaxed, leaving room for them to just be themselves in front of the camera.  Of course, there are still those little awkward moments, when people aren't sure if they should DO something for me, but those mostly I get to just follow everyone around and capture the magic that happens.  The little details of their abode, the way they make coffee, the glasses left on a shelf all make the story full and fantastic too. This year I really want to do more of these kinds of sessions, to tell the story of a family in their home and space and a Saturday afternoon session on a mild March day with one of my fave families was the perfect way to get kick it off!  I have known Martina (a brilliant wedding photographer who rocks film!) for about 5 years and she is one of my dearest friends and biggest supporters.  Her kind and wonderful hubby and spunky little red-haired girl are such a welcoming, fun family that I knew they would make my job pretty easy.  Not to mention their seriously gorgeous home in Petersburg (talk about #house goals) and lovely country property and we had a winning formula from the start!

I am excited to share these image with you all - get ready to soak up all the love and light that is the Wendland family!  And if this looks like exactly what you want your family photos to look like, we need to chat.  At home sesions are filling fast for this year! :)

M xo

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