52 Weeks - Week 24 : : Kitchener Photographer

Okay, I have to admit this right off the top:  This is not an image from this week. I took it when I was at the cottage a couple of weeks ago, enjoying a relaxing weekend with my family. One of my favourite things about summer is wildflowers.  I love seeing them bloom at the side of the road, in fallow fields, in parks, on trails and in my own backyard.  There is something so quintessentially summer about a bouquet of wildflowers and I can never resist collecting a bunch when I am out walking.  I even keep a small pair of scissors in my car in case I drive past a particulary beautiful cluster (okay, that sounds WAY more kooky when I write it down!).  A bouquet of wildflowers on my table makes my heart smile, what can I say?

I entitled this image Summer Blooms.