Blog Carousel - Monochrome

Here we go with round two of the blog carousel.  This month's theme is Monochrome, which is basically a fancy way of saying black and white. I love images that are colourful and bright, but there is something about the nostalgic, timeless essence of black and white images is really appealing.  Maybe it is the dramatic tones, or the ability to use your imagination to create the colours in your mind, or even the stark reality of holding the viewer's eye without the distraction of colour.  Whatever it's appeal, it is an essential element of photographic art.

My image was taken during our summer vacation in my husband's home province of Newfoundland.  This sunset, looking out over the Main Tickle (or harbour entrance) featured dramatic clouds, glorious colours and an innate serenity that I just had to capture.  In monochrome it becomes an image that represents the falling of the day, the calmness of the water and the whisper of wind in the bold clouds.  Wow, I'm practically a poet right now! ;)

Make sure that you check out my friend Kate's interpretation of Monochrome.  She is wonderfully talented food and wedding/portrait photographer, as well as a really kind person and friend.  Happy carouselling!