Urban Gentlemen : : Kitchener Children's Photographer

I love to shoot in the city.  Sure, parks and forests and lakes and fields are lovely too, and I enjoy shooting in those locations.  But there is something about the urban landscape that is so fascinating to me. Maybe it is the fact that you can turn a corner and have a whole new location that is nothing like the previous, or maybe it is just that I appreciate that a building always has one side that has some shade.  No light hunting for me! ;)

I headed out with these two adorable guys on a crisp Saturday afternoon to capture some urban images for my commercial portfolio.  I am starting to make some contacts in the children's clothing market and want to have lots of different looks for all different styles.  Plus, I have a bit of a boy shortage in my world, so it is always fun to hang out with someone who is not talking about Justin Bieber or asking to paint their nails!

I was lucky enough to photograph these monkeys with their parents last year and I knew that they would be perfect models for this shoot.  Zaccardi, the oldest, has amazing ice blue eyes that are crazy beautiful.  He is gonne be a lady-killer someday, since he already has the "smoulder" effect down to perfection.  His younger brother, Milo, is a big personality with the most infectious smile.  He loves to be silly and can really appreciate a good fart joke.

I am so lucky to have clients that are willing to share their time and their family with me.  Thanks Mackenzie, Danny, Zaccardi and Milo for braving the cold!

~ M