Blog Carousel - Faceless Self-Portrait : : Kitchener Photographer

This month the theme for the blog carousel is Faceless Self-Portrait.  I had lots of ideas, but executing most of them would have required more time and planning than can be allotted in my schedule, so I had to stick with something simple. I decided that I wanted to try to be really literal in my interpretation, so I started experimenting with different ways of covering my face (think masks, pantyhose, my hair - are you laughing yet at the visuals?), but they were all a little too crazy once I tried them.  I decided just set up my camera on the tripod, kneel on the floor and see what I got!  I think the result is a little weird but a really accurate representation of a faceless self-portrait.  My nose is a little Gerard-Depardieu-in-Cyrano-de-Bergerac for my liking, but I am just going to blame it on a bad angle... :)

Make sure you go and check out my friend Martina Wendland's interpretation of the theme!  She is a really sweet person as well as a talented family and children's photographer.  You will love her work!