Charlie Boy : : Kitchener Pet Photographer

I just wanted to share a few shots of my handsome lound (a word of my own creation that means lab-hound cross), Charlie.  Also known as Charlie Boy, Charles, Charlie Brown, Chuckles, Chuckie, and Charlie Chuckles.  He is a well-loved member of our family, as well as a part-time member of my parents' and best friend's households. Here are the things Charlie loves to do:

  • play ball
  • eat
  • sleep
  • walk
  • sleep (he really loves to sleep)

Charlie also snores (loudly), farts (also loudly), DROOLS, and occasionally eats food off the kitchen counter.  In other words, he is the perfect dog.

We had an impromptu session in the woods one day, involving cheese slices, a stick and lots of burrs...but I did get one for the canvas I wanted!  Success!

I love this next one.  He has such a great smile...for a dog!

What a great dog. Love him.

{M} xo