if seven is a lucky number : : Kitchener Children's Photography

Brielle is seven today.  Holy moly, it is even harder to write than I thought it would be!  She has grown to be such a kind, smart, sassy, beautiful, stubborn, verbal little lady, and yet today I just want to hold in her in my arms and will her to stay a child forever.  Ah, the joys and sorrows of motherhood, all rolled into one special day. I think this is going to be Brielle's year.  She has started to learn to snowboard, and her smile while she is on the hill is RADIATING!  She has started reading chapter novels and I love watching her hunker down in bed each night to tackle a chapter, calling out occasionally to spell a word for us to help her with.  She is developing stronger relationships with her friends, and beginning to see the value of true friendships.  Not to mention dealing with ups and downs of the school playground and its complex social stratosphere.

This year, she decided that rather than a group party, she wanted to invite her bestie, Taylor, over for her first ever BFF sleepover.  Lord help me, this is moving way too fast for me!  The girls were VERY excited for this big night, which consisted of lots of play time, some Just Dance 3 on the Xbox, hide-and-go-seek and eventually, some sleepy snuggles.  Listening to little girls whispering in bed when they are supposed to be sleeping is pure joy.

In the morning, after an up-and-down night, Carl whipped up some pancakes for the girls and they watched a Bratz movie. And, of course, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to grab the girls for a few shots, even if they only cooperated for a few minutes.  They are so darn cute together, cracking each other up with potty humour and whispering secrets.  I just happened to have coordinating outfits in the closet for them to wear! :)


I think these two are going to be the stars of many misadventures together!

And add the third, look out world!!!!

On her seventh birthday!

I love you Brielle.  You are my sunshine.

{M} xoxo