Hold you Tight : : Kitchener Family Photographer

Emery has always been a snuggler.  From the day she was born, she has been happiest curled up in my arms or sitting in Daddy's lap.  She is just that kind of kid. And I have to admit, I truly dread the day when she outgrows my arms and wants nothing to do with snuggling.  I love having her cuddled up  with me, her fine hair smelly sweetly of fresh air and her heavy weight warm and soft against me.  Sigh.  Pure bliss.

As a photographer, it is hard enough to find time to be in front of the camera, but particularly, to capture those everyday moments that you cherish for a lifetime.  The morning kisses, the midday snuggles and the bedtime stories.  Sometimes I wish I had my own personal photographer to follow me around to capture these memories, and show the world "I was there too!".  But for now, I have to settle for some stolen time, on a warm fall afternoon, to sneak out into the backyard, put Brielle on a stool, set the camera settings and hope for the best.  She took 64 frames and this one was the only one that was even remotely in focus or had our heads in it.  But one is all I needed.

Love you Em-er!

{M} xo