Chalk Art | Kitchener Children's Photography

I think it is amazing how kids are amused by the simplest things.  A mud puddle, a flowing fountain, putting stickers onto paper and colouring on anything!  They find joy, peace and fun in all the little things that we as adults forget to enjoy. When I got together with my good friends, Kate Emerson of Novella Photography and Martina Wendland of Martina Wendland Photography, we had every intention of photographing all of our girls in a little Easter-themed set-up that Kate had devised.  However, our little ladies were more interested in playing together than being photographed, and thus our carefully laid plans quickly went bust.  But then Kate had the genius idea to let the girls draw with chalk on the large piece of seamless paper we had tacked up on the wall as a backdrop.  All of a sudden, the girls were completely engaged and having a blast, drawing, smearing the lines, colouring on themselves and working together to create a large mural.  Fantastic!

I couldn't resist snapping a few shots as they worked, but I did do a bit of drawing as well!

At least little Miss A tried to cooperate with the Easter portion of the shoot!

Friends and chalk make for a wonderful afternoon!

Thanks again Kate and Martina for another great day of friendship.

{M) xo