What Should My Family Wear For Our Photo Session? | Kitchener Family Photographer

What do I wear?    This is the question I am asked most often when a client is booking a session with MBP.  Sometimes, if I have enough time, I will put together a little "look book" for the client to get an idea of clothing selection, but as the busy spring and summer seasons approach, I know that time will be more precious and I won't be able to do this for everyone. So I decided to put together a little post showing MY idea of cute outfit choices for the whole family.  The most important thing I tell my clients is that their clothing should reflect their own style.  I mean, it is wonderful to look great but if the kids (or Dad!) look really uncomfortable in the clothes Mom chose (because let's face it, Mom is usually the family's stylist), it is hard for them to be relaxed and enjoy the session.  However, all the different styles need to find a way to work together.  Whether it is different styles with the same colour scheme, or similar styles with complimentary colours, it all has to look cohesive.  Gone are the days of jeans and a white polo shirt for the whole gang.  Boring. It's time to get some fun, colour and attitude back into clothing options!

For the little ladies, here are some some fun, colourful options.  I love the floral skirt - so summer-y!

For the women, there are options ranging from casual to flirty!  The purple top really pops!The little guys have some colour and some attitude!  Fashion isn't just for little sisters!

And for the men, some classic styles that combine comfort and style.  I gave Dad and son the same shirt (Black Military-style T) for those who just have to have some matching in the mix!  ;)

All clothing pictured can be found online or in store at Old Navy.


I hope this helps everyone out there get a few ideas of what you can wear for your session.  Happy shopping!

{M} xo