The Flu | Kitchener Children's Photography

"Flu, flu, go away.  And never come another day!" The flu reared its ugly head at our house nearly two weeks ago.  First Brielle, then I and then Emery got sick.  And I mean SICK.  I am still feeling like a wet noodle nearly a week after it began.

And to deepen the despair, it is March Break here and the temperatures are soaring into the mid-teens.  We are stuck in the house, faces pressed to the glass in a desperate effort to suck the sunshine into the dark, Kleenex-filled corners.  Sigh.

But, things are starting to turn around a bit -Emery is coming around and my hubby has avoided the nasty little virus so far.  And in T-minus two days, we are headed to Great Wolf Lodge - that paragon of family fun and lukewarm pools filled with a plethora of germs.  Here's hoping our weakened immune systems are up for the challenge! :)

I snapped a quick image of Emery as she dozed fitfully on the couch the other day, in one of those fever sleeps that seems to only last long enough to have you wake up cranky.

And with that, I am handing the flu his eviction notice and looking forward with hope to our adventure down the QEW to lovely Niagara Falls.  Keep your fingers crossed we make it that far!

{M} xo