Summer, is that you? | Waterloo Children's Photographer

I cannot believe that it is March!  My girls have had shorts and tees on for about a week now - in Canada, in the the spring.  WHAT?!  I am not quite ready for the heat, but it seems I had better adjust quickly. It really feels like summer.  Nearly 30 degrees and sunny for the past week, we have been digging out the bicycles, patio chairs and table, and picnic basket.  In fact, we snuck off to the riverside just last night for an impromptu evening picnic.  After deciding on the plan, Brielle was put in charge of packing the goods (which means we had cheese sandwiches, granola bars, mints, Kool-Aid and baby carrots for supper) and Emery was in charge of carrying the blanket to sit on. We loaded into the van and made for a beautiful spot along the Grand River in Waterloo.  We had a lovely time watching the river flow by, soaking in the sun and exploring the river bank's various flora and fauna.

Of course, before we packed up, I had to try to get some shots of my girls in the delicious, late afternoon light.  And that's when it all went to H-E-L-L.  Even though they knew we were going to take a few photos, the symptoms of PK (photographer's kids) showed up as soon as my camera came out of the bag.  I managed to snap a few, but most of the time was spent asking them to look at me, to stop scratching non-existent itches and to stop picking things off the ground. Sigh.

But even though they are definitely not my best or favourite images ever, I am going to share them here, because they represent the memory of that gorgeous, warm spring night when we had a picnic by the river and watched a dog chasing geese down the bank while we ate dry cheese sandwiches.  Bliss.  These are the memories I will take with me into the future.

I am amazed at how much Brielle's growing adult teeth have change the shape of her face and the look of her smile.  It is amazing and a bit heartbreaking at the same time.

Ironically, Emery was the least cooperative, but I ended up with more of her that I liked than of Brielle.  Go figure.

This is the only shot, of many, of both of the girls that was actually sort of usable.  Oh well, next time.

And by the way, this early spring means a longer warm season for shooting, so if you want to have some amazing family portraits in this beautiful light, it is not too early to book! :)