Nikki + Matteo | Wedding | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

Nikki + Matteo had the sweetest, most intimate little backyard wedding in August.  Despite the extreme humidity and beaming sun, those gathered on her parents' lawn to witness their love become a lifelong commitment barely took notice.  And as you can see, the animals had no problem joining the proceedings as well, with Willie the cat eventually finding a spot to lounge behind the platform and Enzo the dog lazily yawning through the vows. After a champagne toast with their newly joined family, we braved brief moments in the heat to forever encapsulate the memory of the day that they made their vows to each other through photography.  We were fortunate to have the oasis of a riverside home with beautiful trees and a lovely bee meadow so we could stay nearby and pop back into the house for air conditioning breaks!

Thank you both for being so welcoming and patient and for bearing with a steamy August afternoon!

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