My Beautiful Little Cousins

My mom's side of the family all came down for New Year's Day to celebrate a late Christmas.  It was really rainy here, which melted all the snow  and made the temperatures pretty mild.  My cousin had booked a session with me for some extended family photos back in Novemeber, but she wasn't able to work around all of her family's schedule to make it work so we postponed.  Since that session didn't happen, I thought I would at least try to get some quick shots while the kids were all here.  The rain was a bit of a challenge, but in the end I  just opened one of the garage doors and had the kids stand inside to keep dry (I was soaked of course, but thank goodness for waterproof camera covers!).  I managed to get a few nice ones of all four of my little cousins   See if you can pick out the siblings (I'll give you a hint:  there is a boy and a girl in each family).

Good genes, eh?