52 Weeks - Week 1

So, in the name of expanding my creativity and honing my craft, I have decided to take on a couple of personal projects.   The first is a challenge to take a self-portrait every week.  I really wanted something that would take me out of my comfort zone and challenge me to get in front of the lens a bit more often. My goal is to try and capture my mood or environment every week, as a permanent reminder of this year of my life.  I had originally thought of trying Project 365, but hey, with two jobs, school, a husband, two kids and a dog, who am I kidding?  It would have sunk by day 8! 

Here is this week's portrait, which I have titled Bare.

Two words: exhaustion and focus. 

As for the other challenges for this year, they are:

  1. 32 Strangers -  I am going to do this in March in honour of my 32nd birthday.  I am going to meet and ask to photograph 32 strangers on the street.  I am working on being brave.
  2. Lowdown - I am going to do a series that will be shot only from ground level.  Just something I came up with to try some new angles and play around with depth of field.  This one will be in the spring/summer....I may be Canadian but I don't like to lie in the snow if I can help it!

So wish me luck.  It is a lot to take on, but all in the name of love!