Super Fun Family | Kitchener Family Photography

When you are a photographer, getting in front of the the camera is often a challenge.  Not because we don't like to be photographed, but because we love to be the ones pressing the shutter.  I have soooo many pictures of my hubby and the girls, but rarely take the opportunity to join in.  It might be because I am a bit of a contrl freak, but that is another story altogether... When my good friend Lisa, of Lisa Kwan Images, mentioned that she hardly has any family photographs with her in them, we decided that it was high time that we got out and remedied that problem!  It was especially important that we get it done sooner rather than later, as she is expecting her second babe this fall and she wanted to have some images of them together as a family of three.

We went out on a gorgeous summer evening to give it a go.  I have known Lisa and her husband for many years, since he is one of my brother's best friends, so really it was more of an excuse to hang out and be silly together,  but we did manage to get some images too!  I brought along an assistant (aka Brielle) who is trained in the fine art of keeping a toddler focused (aka feeding him candy) and I must say, it went pretty smoothly! ;)

Thank you Lisa, Adam and Zen for being awesome!  I am so honoured to have had the chance to photograph your beautiful, fun family.

{M} xo