Friendship | Waterloo Portrait Photographer

Friends like Hilary are hard to find.  Loyal, kind, generous, caring, supportive and hilarious.  It is not hard to understand why she has so many friends, all of whom love her dearly. We met only a few short months ago, but already I count her among my closest confidantes and dearest friends.  We just GET each other.   We crack each other up - a LOT.   We have nicknames for each other that make sense to only us.  We talk in crazy voices to each other.  We can sit in a room not talking for hours on end and never feel awkward.  I understand her half-spoken, Blackberry-distracted sentences.  She buys me sunflower seeds with salt (because unsalted are gross).  She puts up with me being super-picky about images and I put up with her forgetting to title client discs.  We work as a team to get s**t done!

Occasionally, I run into another photographer or friend who admires Hilary and her work, and inevitably I am asked, "Do you really KNOW her???"  I sure do, and I am proud to be her friend.  Even when she is not as glamourous as in these images.  Have you seen her hair on a humid day? *wink*