Surrounded by Love | Kitchener Family Photography

This lovely family traveled all the way from Taipei, Taiwan, just for this session.   Ummm, okay, and to see family and friends and introduce their little man, but I like to pretend in my head that it is all about me. ;) Sonya and I have been friends since high school,  having formed a bond in unlikely circumstances involving teen girl drama (way too complex to explain, of course) and have managed to keep tabs on each others' life adventures over the years (thank goodness for Facebook!).  She now lives in far away Taiwan, after a stint in New Zealand, where she met her lovely hubby and needless to say, I was excited to have a chance to get together and catch up.

Of course her biggest news was her brand new baby boy! She and her hubby welcomed little Otis only three months ago, but he is already a world traveler, with a fresh Taiwanese passport to prove it!  He was welcomed home to Canada by many loving and adoring family and friends, but none more so that his very excited Nona and Deda.  Eager to fuss over him and watch his every move, the prerogative of every grandparent, they are quite obviously totally smitten with him.

We headed out on a lovely, warm summer morning to try to capture some family portraits, so that everyone could keep and cherish the memories of Otis' first visit to Canada.  Little did we know when we began that this was going to be a marathon rather than a sprint.  Whenever a baby is involved, there is no way to plan a shoot - the baby is in total control.  Naps, feedings, diaper changes and cuddles always take precedence over the lens (and rightly so!).   We all made the best of it, trading stories, catching up, discussing the trials and tribulations of parenthood and perfecting the virtue of patience.  :)

But let me tell you, when Otis was on, he was ON!  We ended up with lots of fun images and I am so honoured that this family chose me to be the one to capture these moments on camera.  Thank you all for spending your morning (and part of the afternoon) with me.  I loved every minute!

{M} xo