52 Weeks - Week 5

Winter has officially set in and we are all huddled inside, marvelling at the height of the snowbanks.  I personally love winter and its storms and snow.  There is nothing that makes me more excited than the prospect of a nice big blizzard that shuts down the whole city.  Maybe it's a bit twisted, but I just find it very relaxing.  Anyway, being that we have been driven inside by the weather, I thought I would try some fun things with an actual light this week, rather than natural light.  I took an interesting lighting workshop recently and I was eager to try something new.  Well, I didn't get as creative as I had hoped, because just as I was brainstorming, the skies opened and the snow started to fly!  My hubby had to get outside and fire up the snowblower, leaving me with two litle girls who wanted to "help" Mommy with her set-up.  So I ended up with only one kinda usable image, which I have entitled Monogram.

See you next week!