52 Weeks - Weeks 6 & 7

Okay, I know I am behind, but it has been crazy at my house the last couple of weeks.  While I did actually take the week 6 image during week 6, I haven't had the time to blog it until now. My week 6 image is entitled Shadow Toque, for obvious reasons.  We have been having lovely, sunny winter days around here and I thought I would try to capture my shadow.  It was not as long and funky as I wanted it to be, but alas the only free time I had to get out and take it was during midday, when the sun was high in the sky.  I will have to try it again someday.

For my week 7  image, I wanted to capture one of my most common evening activities, playing apps.  I have an iPod Touch and and iPad, and I love them both!  I love playing all sorts of games and the fact that I can take boredom-beaters wherever I go is a huge bonus.  My favourites are puzzle games, like Cut the Rope or Pictureka, or trivia games like Jeopardy! or Movie Cat.  Anyway, it is not uncommon to find my husband and I curled up on the couch together, each playing games with obsessive concentration.  Don't worry, we talk and cuddle beforehand!!! ;)  So here is my image, entitled App-solute Concentration.