Adorable Cousins

The winter blahs are in full swing over here at MBP and I am going stir-crazy!  I need to get out and shoot, but really, who wants pictures in a landscape that is comprised of grey-brown snowbanks and yellow grass and naked trees?  Nonetheless, I put the call out on Facebook to see if anyone would be kind enough to indulge my need for shutter speed and thankfully, I got a response! My friend Lara and her twin sister Tara have been kind enough in the past to let me photograph their little duts and were up for the challenge again.  We all headed to our local city hall for an impromptu session, me armed with my camera and a package of Skittles and they with armloads of adorable clothes.

Little Miss Ava and Mister Nate were absolutely fantastic (as usual) and we got some great images!  Here is a sneak peek for you, ladies, since I know you are anxious to see what we got!