Little Mister Turns One | Kitchener Family Photography

Just over a year ago, we were waiting for my friends Mike and Kelly to let us know when their baby had arrived.  When I got the text that he was here, I was overjoyed for them.  One year ago today, he came into their lives, a healthy  baby boy who was thankfully weighed not nearly as much as anticipated! ;)

Over the past year, this little man has given his parents a few grey hairs with an early hospital stay and a couple of mysterious rashes, but he is one tough little cookie!  Surrounded by love, it is no wonder he bounced back stronger than ever after each little fall.  I have had the chance to snuggle him when we have our monthly breakfast dates with my CCMH ladies and trust me, he gets more kisses in that hour than may be safe for the average baby.   He puts up (mostly) with our non-stop chatter while trying to swipe food from Mom's plate, until we push him past nap time and then he lets us know just what he thinks of our conversation!

It has been so wonderful to watch my friends blossom into such amazing parents!  It is hard to believe that a whole year has gone by since I held him, a tiny bundle in my arms.  He has grown into such an adorable, sweet little man.  I could just squeeze him!  But really, the thing I look the most forward to is the day that he chooses his favourite hockey team.  Senators or Maple Leafs?  Maybe he will create a panic and choose THE HABS! ;)

A special thanks to Michelle from Miche L Photography for hanging out with me at this session too!

Love you little mister!

M xo