Duck? | Kitchener Family Photography

Toddlers live in their own little worlds, full of imagination, wonder, curiosity and fun!  They also don't care if you want them to do a particular task, like say...sit still.  And be photographed. With loving parents in the frame. I have been photographing this family, who have become wonderful friends, since the little man was four months old.  It has been so amazing to watch him grow and learn along the way and to see his sweet little personality get stronger. From the moment he arrived  for our session in Kitchener, he was on a mission to run and explore every sight and sound around him.  Meanwhile, he resolutely ignored our desire to get some photography done.  We tried everything - Barney videos, songs, silly faces, snacks, my junior assistants (my girlies) executed perfect prat falls, all to no avail.  We did get a few keepers, but I think we all felt like a three-ring circus by the end! LOL  Of course, the little man was completely unfazed by our efforts and continued to merrily search for ducks on the pond. Ah, toddlers. Sweet little balls of stubborn attitude.

We reconvened a week later to try to grab a few more images and had slightly more success and added a bit of variety to the mix.  Now I think we may have had even more success if I had been smart enough NOT to select the second location in a row that is beside a river...full of ducks. Alas, toddlerhood is a short phase, full of adventure, exploration, discovery, tantrums and tumbles and just to capture him at this stage is worth ever mud puddle we stepped in and ducks we silently cursed. And he still loved me at the end of it all and was happy to see me the next time we met, so it is going down in the books as an unbridled success!

M xo