Fall Light | Kitchener Family Photographer

This fall has been, well... a bit dicey.  The cold temperatures came earlier than usual and the sun was not shining as often as I had hoped.  There has been a lot of schedule shuffling and last minute phone calls as the rain suddenly erupted.  Mother Nature is having an off year, I guess. But there was one GLORIOUS day in November, where the sun shone in a bright blue sky, the temperature was not balmy but not freezing  and the leaves still had some of their yellow and orange hues.  The perfect day for a fall session.  And then I met this lovely family, with their awesome wardrobe selections and sparkling smiles and I knew that it was going to be one of those sessions that I walked away from knowing with certainty that I had some keepers.

We met on the outskirts of Kitchener at one of my favourite locations - in fact, it is where I take my own family when we feel like a tripod session!  The goldenrod was in its full, puffy goodness and the grass was just starting to take on its winter hues.  We laughed, we played, we ate chips and Smarties (okay, that was just the little man but I totally would have shared). There may have also been a "stinging needle" incident, but a lively round of song and a few Smarties took care of that!

As the evening progressed, the light only got more and more dreamy and beautiful - I was in photographer nirvana!  Eventually our fingers and noses were a little red and chilly, so we called it a day, but not before one last game of peekaboo in the car. Even Barkley the dog seemed to have enjoyed himself and only had a few burrs from his adventures through the bushes.

Looking forward to meeting this family again in the future...maybe when their new addition arrives?

M xo