52 Weeks - Week 9

This image depicts my most frequent hairstyle.  By nature, my hair is really curly, and I mean that out-of-control, frizzy, unmanageable type of curl that requires a lot of effort to make even slightly presentable.  As a child, I had many variations of an afro, but as I grew (and after two straightening treatments) I was finally able to get it long enough to pull back.  And thus, the bun was born.  In all its' glory, it is a messy,  curl-strewn disaster, barely contained by the straining elastic.  It is me.  Here is the image, which I entitled The Bun.  

By the way, by true definition this was not a self-portrait, as I left my tripod at my parents and it is impossible to take a shot of the back of your own head unless you have extra-long arms (I do not).  So, my wonderful 6-year-old volunteered to help me.  Thanks Brielle!