Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Spring has sprung around here and what better way to get out and enjoy the warmer weather and light breezes than with a little kite-flying.  I grabbed my girls and headed for the huge parking lot down the street to test our kite skills.  The first day (when I left my camera home, of course) was a smashing success, with both girls getting their kites up and away, at least for a few minutes. We had such a blast that we decided to head out againg the next evening, with the neighbour's son in tow, and this time I came armed and ready to capture our glorious feats of aerodynamic prowess.  However, we quickly discovered that the strong wind gusts were causing the the kites to nose dive recklessly at break-neck speed, scattering the child spectators in every direction as I tried mightily to keep it airborne long enough to pass off.  I did manage to succeed a couple of times, but then I would have to spend ten minutes getting it flying again before the next attempt.  Obviously, they quickly lost interest and I had to resort to getting them to run with the kite on a short string.  Oh well, not the beautiful images I conceptualized, but better than nothing, right?