Allan + Rachel | Engaged | Kitchener Wedding Photographer

Okay, I seriously LOVE this couple! When we met on a gorgeous August evening, strolled around Waterloo Park near sundown and splashed in the creek, laughing our pants off, I knew right away that these are my kind of people! This couple loves each other fully, completely.  You can tell that they are in love in the deepest possible way - best friends, lovers, partners-in-crime.  They make each other laugh, look into each others eyes and are connected in an almost visceral way.

We had such an amazing time together, I couldn't stop smiling even after I drove away.  And then I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw them strolling hand-in-hand back home and my smile got even wider.  I was beyond excited and ready to photograph their fall wedding - stay tuned in the next couple of weeks to see their simply fantastic wedding day!

Love you A + R!

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